Gushy, personal post ahead so bear with me or keep strolling to your porn.

I’ve begun seeing someone.

Someone from my past, someone I have a very complicated and tangled history with. We haven’t seen each other for a year and when we did last speak we didn’t end on the best terms.

I’m now facing hostility from my friends because of this person, they’ve spent years hearing me complain about him and all the things that he’s done so they feel justified in assuring me i’m making a stupid mistake, that this guy is poison, no hoper, etc etc.

I can’t talk about him in front of them without eliciting some snide comment, all prefaced with “but you can choose to do whatever you want.” or some other barely subtle comment.

Fuck all that shit.

He’s going away for the weekend and he just called so he could see how I was doing before he left.

I’m twitterpated, deal with it.